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The Early Days of the Internet, Part 1


While I was still working on getting this site back up to speed, I would file away interesting things that I came across. One such thing was this list of the Internet’s Best of 1994 and Predictions for 1995. Twelve years ago…that’s like stumbling across Life Magazine’s Best of 1947 and Swell Things for 1948. Reading through the list brought back memories of hooking up to the “Internet” with my 2400 baud modem in 1993. A few choice quotes:

The Internet Chess Server: Always near to bursting with activity, you’re guaranteed to find a chess mate of your skill level. Brush the cobwebs off your game or challenge a grandmaster. I personally keep a physical chess board handy so I can better visualize the game (to access, telnet to 5000)

Better visualize the game? And who remembers telnet?

Most awesome thing I downloaded: Doom, of course

Yep, me too.

“All you have to do,” he said, “is type the word ‘lynx’ at your Unix prompt, and presto! You’re into the Web.”

I guess Mosaic (which came out in 1993) hadn’t caught on yet. And my favorite:

The organization of the World-Wide Web. I love the Web, but finding something specific on it is a nightmare. And because the Web is growing by leaps and bounds, I just don’t see things getting easier anytime soon.

Dude. At least Alta Vista was right around the corner.