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I'm Running Out of Excuses


Yes, the WFB post was the first one in a while, seven months to be exact. The standard litany could apply: I was busy at work and raising a small child left barely enough time to read what was going on out there, much less write about it. A four month trip to the Central Command Theater of Operations was also a contributor. And there wasn’t that much interesting stuff out there to write about, interesting to me at least

Even when I had the time, the drive just wasn’t there. Upon further review, it came down to this: after re-designing this site from scratch a year ago, the thought of having to create something with even a hint of HTML made me run for the tall grass. I was just burned out on anything related to “creating” anything for the web.

However, I think that spell has passed. Time to bear down and get after it.

P.S. I still don’t give a crap about the iPhone.