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There have been numerous posts recently about how people write, either for the web, or otherwise. For web-based writing tasks, the usual suspects like Simplenote, Notational Velocity or [insert favorite text editor] keep popping up. One application that I read about in a recent blog post is called Scrivener and is actually geared more towards traditional writing.

I have a few masters papers due in the coming weeks and reading about Scrivener and exploring the program has provided one of the few “holy shit” moments I’ve had with a piece of software. I had been pondering how I was going to use the various note/writing apps to organize and write. No more. I paid the license fee after about ten minutes. The ability to compile your work into whatever program you need for final output is borderline magic. Check it out if you do any serious writing, no matter what it’s for.

I now shudder to think I was going to do the majority of my work in Microsoft Word.