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Reading Xkcd With Reeder


If, like me, you are a fan of the web comic xkcd, then surely you are aware that part of the fun of each comic is the pithy text contained in the title attribute of each graphic. A DFW-style footnote for each comic, if you will. The problem when viewing these in a browser is the tooltip that appears when mousing over the image goes away after a few seconds. And sometimes these ‘footnotes’ are a little lengthy.

Lucky for me I rarely read xkcd with a browser. I use Reeder, both on the Mac and on my iPhone. And the iOS version of Reeder seems to have a feature that was built just for this. If you pinch-to-zoom on the image in Reeder, it expands to fill the screen. Touch the image and you get the title attribute displayed along with an option to save it locally.

iOS screen-capture of xkcd comic

That is attention to detail.