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Apple and EPEAT


There has been more than a few posts in the blogverse about Apple withdrawing all of their products from the green registry EPEAT. As a result, the city of San Francisco (and maybe Berkeley to follow) will no longer purchase Apple products.

This is just dumb. Predictably dumb, for sure, as we are talking about San Francisco. But I do find it interesting that none of these bloggers called them on it. One can almost sense across the interwebs the conflict between calling a spade and spade (silly policies that make liberals feel good as opposed to actually fixing anything) and not upsetting the environmental apple (sorry) cart.

One sense of conflict could be that most of these bloggers couldn’t wait to get their own hands on the new and shiny, but can’t-be-recycled Retina Display MacBook Pro.

Update: Apple folds like a cheap deck chair.