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Dear Mr. Podcaster


Listen, here’s the thing: you know those times, albeit rare, when you and your co-host are politely speaking out against some person/company for doing X and listing all the (perfectly valid) reasons why X is a foolish idea/concept/plan and then fifteen minutes or so later, when it’s time to give your “sponsor testimonial,” and it just coincidentally happens to be for a product that does something eerily similar to X? And you then have to sing the praises of something that just a bit ago you said was…well, not so praiseworthy.

Luckily these two products and/or services are not exactly the same. No, that would be quite a pickle. But close enough that when you’re finished with your heartfelt description of pure awesomeness, your co-host is left somewhat speechless and the slight empty pause at the end is, shall we say, a bit awkward.

You know those times I’m talking about?

Yeah…you sound like an idiot.