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Lets Try This Again...


It was a long time coming, but this site is finally back up and running. Over two years to be somewhat precise. The main reason for the delay was my effort to re-design the site from scratch. The previous design pretty much looked like ass and rather than spend any more time writing for it, I concentrated on re-doing it.

I started with a blank page back in May of last year. My first idea was scrapped for various reasons after about a month and I started anew with a few goals: simple, easy-to-read layout without a bunch of distracting bells and whistles (one exception being the use of Lightbox on the About page—I couldn’t resist). I also wanted to add a sideblog called “Elsewhere” for random things I find that don’t warrant a full entry. There is also a Photo Blog, but all the credit for its design goes to Doug Bowman of Stopdesign.

Note: The separate photoblog has since been removed. All my pictures are now on Flickr

Over the course of the next six (or eight) months, the process was slow. I would tinker with the design for a few hours a night and then maybe a week would go by without doing anything at all. The long pole in the tent towards the end was creating the templates for Movable Type and then testing them out. I’m not the smartest web guy by any stretch, so ironing out the kinks took a few days. I’m also no wizard with Photoshop, so the banner image took some time, but I still may work on that a bit. So welcome back, have a look around and feel free to let me know what you think.