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Excuses include the usual: hectic work schedule, rock in my shoe, and I just got back from vacation to San Diego. As I’m currently plowing through my 256 unread items in NetNewsWire, I came up with the following question: is there a way to filter out all iPhone-related posts? Because I really don’t care.

I’m on my second RAZR that does exactly what I want it to do (and even some things I don’t, like take pictures. How utterly lame) - make and receive phone calls. My job requires me to have a BlackBerry, which I initially scoffed, but has since proven its usefulness - checking email when not at my desk. It was nice to see if there was a giant shit sandwich stinking up my inbox while I was away this week. There wasn’t.

Will I eventually get an iPhone? Yes, but not until version 4.5 and they cost $79.