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Upgrade to Movable Type 5


Just upgraded my Movable Type install to version 5. I only found a few minor hiccups. The only outstanding one is the comment listing on an individual entry page (such as this one.) The MT templates are setup so that if the commenter is me, the top line of the comment box (which is actually a definition term, with the comment text being the definition description) should be a different color:

  <mt:If tag="CommentEmail" like="">
    <dt class="neal">
    <dd>Comment text here</dd>

The MT:IF statement never resolves to true and the dt never assumes the neal class that assigns the different color. I have changed the Commenter tag to different things (email, name, etc), and it still doesn’t work.

The original error was worse. I’m still using the original template tag format—MTIf, versus the new mt:If— and with that, the whole statement would get skipped and not put the commenter info in a dt block at all. I’m not sure why this should matter— the template tag format changed in MT4 and I never changed any of my templates and everything worked fine.

Update: After messing with this for multiple hours over three days, no matter what I do, I can not get the dt element to even generate anymore. The entire ‘MT:IF’ statement gets skipped. I changed the IF statement multiple times and tested others that worked fine, but I cannot re-create the error where it generates a dt element, but doesn’t correctly add the class of neal to it. Grrrrr. For now I’ve removed it and all comments will display the same.