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Another Reason Why I Like Pinboard


I’m a big fan of the bookmarking site Pinboard and I often peruse the ‘popular’ page to see what links other folks are squirreling away. I would venture that a majority of Pinboard users lean towards the nerdy/web developer type, until recently that is. The Pinboard developers explain why in a recent blog post, and I won’t ruin it other than to quote this gem:

If you wanted to read a 3000 word fic where Picard forces Gandalf into sexual bondage, and it seems unconsensual but secretly both want it, and it’s R-explicit but not NC-17 explicit, all you had to do was search along the appropriate combination of tags (and if you couldn’t find it, someone would probably write it for you). By 2008 a whole suite of theoretical ideas about folksonomy, crowdsourcing, faceted infomation [sic] retrieval, collaborative editing and emergent ontology had been implemented by a bunch of friendly people so that they could read about Kirk drilling Spock.

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time.