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Pixar's Planes


Here is a preview for Disney Pixar’s Planes.

Besides the obvious, I’m intrigued about this movie because of one small scene in Pixar’s The Incredibles; when Helen Parr/Elastigirl is flying the jet to the island with her kids hiding aboard, and Syndrome launches missiles to attack it.

The calls that Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter) makes on the radio, with terms like “VFR on top”, “vectors to the initial”, and especially “buddy spike”, clearly indicate that whomever wrote the script—or that two minutes of it at least—knows a thing or two about aviation in general and military aviation in particular. I’ve always found it interesting that this movie, that has nothing to do with military aviation, used the correct terms in the correct context.

Live action movies, with plots involving fighter aviation, including actual military aircarft, and usually with technical advisors in the credits, screw this up wholesale all the time.

So if Pixar is going to make a movie about with military planes as characters, it could be one of the more accurate films ever. And it will be animated. Count me in.

(As long the Pixar team that made The Incredibles is involved, and not the gang the crapped out Cars 2.)