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Resources for Octopress


Octopress is the “blogging framework for hackers”, and while I’m certainly no hacker, I do enjoy learning about how it works and bending it ever-so-slightly to my will. Here is a list of resources that I have found useful for using this excellent platform.

  • Obviously, the official documentation is a good place to start
  • Developer Brandon Mathis has always been responsive via the @octopress twitter account
  • The “official” support channel is a mailing list on Google Groups. I get summaries emailed to me weekly
  • Many fine folks have saved Octopress links to Pinboard. My specific links are here
  • If you run into issues, maybe someone else has. Check out the Octopress tag at Stack Overflow. You can subscribe to these via email as well.

I also use to follow the Issues tab of the Octopress GitHub repository. Brandon has since closed it so he can focus on the next release, which for months has been “2.1”, but will actually be a “3.0”. I’m excited to see what is in store.